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Installation Part 2- Connecting the machine to the PC

  • 1. Go to the "Setup" folder and copy the "Chairman_5X_control_suite_221129" folder from a USB flash drive and paste it into your PC desktop (PLEASE use the control suite version from USB in the accessory box only. Control suite folder downloaded from somewhere else is not compatible)
  • 2. Enter "Open Network & Internet settings" from your PC
  • 3. Click "Change adapter options"
  • 4. Find an unknown network icon and go to properties by right-clicking the mouse.
  • 5. Select "Internet protocol version (TCP/IPv4)" and click properties
  • 6. Select "Use the following IP address"
  • 7. Enter "IP address:" and "Subnet mask:" (Note: IP address (For example, 78, last number) can be any number from 10~100 range and can't be same as machine IP address).
  • 8. Click OK.
  • 9. Open the "Chairman_5X_control_suite" folder from your desktop
  • 10. Go to "Program -> Program" and Start "Chairman 5X.exe" (You can create a shortcut.exe and paste it into your PC desktop to run the program quickly)
  • 11. Done


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