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Installation Part 4 - Go2Dental Software


  • 1. Insert USB Drive from accessories box
  • 2. Insert the Go2CAM Dongle license key into your PC
  • 3. Go to the "Setup" folder and open "GO2dental_V609.209_02-11-2022" -> Click Setup.exe and finish the software installation
  • 4. Go to the "Oem" folder Copy the 1400 folder and paste it into (Local C-> Go2Dental -> OEM)
  • 5. Go to the "Go2CAM License Key" folder, copy the (.lic) license file from USB Drive, and paste it into (Local C-> Go2Dental) Go2CAM root folder
  • 6. Complete! Go2CAM is ready to use!


*** NOTE: After Go2Dental installation, please check tool numbering is the same as shown below.

Position 1,2,5,6 is for milling Lithium disilicate, Lithium silicate, Hybrid, and Zirconia strategies.

Position 4 (T4-S2) Tool is used for milling PMMA.


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