How can I do a spindle warm-up?

1 min. readlast update: 08.23.2023

Spindle warm-up is required when doing the following:

✓ Installation

✓ The machine has not been used for a long time

✓ Before using in a cold room

✓ When performing machine calibration

How to do a spindle warm-up?

  1. Insert a sample milling tool inside the spindle collet. (***NOTE! It is important to have a tool inside the collet before running the spindle!).
  2. Go to Setup (Manager) -> Terminal menu (Term.)
  3. Type “S5000” on the terminal screen and click “Enter”. 
  4. Type “M03” and click “Enter” to start the spindle rotation

(If you want to increase RPM, type “S10000” and click “Enter”)  

  1. Type “M05” and click “Enter” to STOP.   

Terminal commands:

  •  S5000: Spindle 5,000 RPM 
  • S10000: Spindle 10,000 RPM 
  • S15000: Spindle 15,000 RPM 
  • S20000: Spindle 20,000 RPM 
  • M03: Spindle rotation START 
  • M05: Spindle rotation STOP  

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